Heritage Development Institute Homepage

The Heritage Development Institute is a training initiative coordinated by the Alliance of National Heritage Areas and in partnership with the National Park Service.  The HDI provides comprehensive training opportunities for novices and practitioners in the heritage development field.  The Institute offers basic and advanced courses led by experienced heritage area directors and practitioners.  These one-day courses are designed to assist those involved with existing and potential heritage areas in organization, management, education, building capacity, marketing, and sustainability.

The Alliance of National Heritage Areas is a membership organization of the 27 national heritage areas, as well as organizations, partners and individuals that support and participate in heritage development initiatives. The ANHA's activities enhance the efforts of individual Congressionally designated areas and promote the heritage development movement in America. This organization seeks to enhance strategic links among the Congressionally designated National Heritage Areas, emerging heritage areas, and private, non-profit and governmental organizations associated with heritage development.


*Historic Photos: Courtesy of the Library of Congress